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How To Reset Internet Explorer – All Versions

How to reset internet explorer all version

This quick tutorial will help you Reset Internet Explorer. I have covered all the versions Internet Explorer 10 , Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7 , Internet Explorer 6 .  We usually reset the browser when the its  gets corrupted or when we are not able to browse the internet even when the Internet connection is working fine.

Resetting Internet Explorer is the same in all the versions but the screenshots will help you as the symbols differ a bit.

Select the desired version that you would like reset:

Reset Internet Explorer 10

  • Click on the gear on the top right corner of the screen and click on Internet Options

Reset Internet Explorer 10

  •  Go to the Advanced Tab and Click on Reset

Reset IE

  • Once you click on Reset  and you will get a pop up asking are u sure you want to reset explorer settings

Resetting Explorer       Reset explorer

  • Once you see green ticks against all the settings click on close

Reset Internet Explorer 9

  • Click on the gear on the top right and click Internet Options


  • Click on Advanced Tab and press Reset

IE 9

  • Once its Reset it will be restored back to default settings

IE 9 - reset

  • Click on the close button


Reset Internet Explorer 8

  • Similarly to Reset Internet Explorer 8 — > Press the gear on the top right corner –> and click Internet Options

reset ie 8

  • Go to the advanced tab and press Reset and once its reset close the dialog box

Reset IE Internet Explorer 8 reset

  • Restart Internet Explorer for the settings to take effect


Reset Internet Explorer 7

  • Click on Tools and then Internet Options

internet explorer 7 tools

  • Click on Advanced and then Reset

reset      reset me

Reset Internet Explorer 6

  • Go to Tools and then Internet Options


  • Go to the Advanced tab and then press Restore Defaults

reset ie 6

So, I hope the  above tutorials have helped you in someway. Please leave your valuable comments below.

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