How to Reset Firefox (All Versions)

Hi Readers, today I will guide you on how to Reset Firefox browser. This will work with all versions of Firefox browsers, but I will strongly recommend you to install the latest stable version of Firefox for better security, stability and performance. You can download Firefox here.

Many times when we install Freewares or free softwares from the internet, we notice new toolbars cluttering our browser which not only reduce the webpage visibility but also affect the performance of the browser. Most annoying part is that we notice our homepage has changed and when we search the internet through the address bar then the results are displayed by some lesser known search engine. Most of the freewares do consent users while installing the software if we want to install their toolbar and change other settings in our browser.

These freeware publishers are not doing anything wrong because 1) They are trying to earn their living by giving you their software for free but earning the revenue through these toolbars and search engines. 2) Most of the publishers do consent you before installing toolbars and changing your browser settings. Eg. See the below BitTorrent installer screenshot asking for your consent to modify your browser :


As a user, you can easily untick all the above options and still continue with the installation of the software. But most of the users have habit of “NEXT NEXT NEXT FINISH” and they miss out on important choices given to them by the publishers.

So, lets get to the point. If you are one of the users who now has toolbars cluttering the Firefox and search engine modified, continue reading for the solution.

Resetting Firefox wont delete your bookmarks. So no need to worry about loosing your important bookmarks.

Ok, now lets do it!

Step 1 : Click “Firefox” on top left corner and then go to “Help” and then Click “Troubleshooting Information”.

Reset Firefox

Step 2: Click “Reset Firefox” on the right side of the screen.

Reset Firefox 2

Step 3: Confirm by clicking “Reset Firefox”

Firefox Reset Confirm

Now Firefox will create a backup folder with old settings on your desktop, you can move this to your documents for a backup. Your favorites, saved passwords and cookies will still be visible when you start Firefox normally without any need to restore them from old backup.

Thats it, now the Firefox is like new but still has your bookmarks and saved passwords. If you want to get rid of all toolbars and search engine changes in Internet Explorer, then follow this guide on How to Reset Internet Explorer (All Versions) by Anish.




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