How to Configure Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird is the best free alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook Express or any other paid email clients. The easy to use interface and thousands of add-on helps increase the functionality and improves productivity. There are two versions of Thunderbird. 1. Desktop Version 2. Portable version. I personally prefer the portable version as it allows me to access my emails from anywhere in the world. You may argue with me saying, one can access emails via webmail as well.  I agree its possible, but its not the experience is not the same. You can either carry the portable version on your Flashdrive or install it directly on Dropbox.

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Information Required:

  • Server Hostname:  You need to contact your email service provider inorder to find the server name (Incoming and Outgoing Server address).
  • Port : Port number will change depending upon your choice.

(a)Incoming Ports (IMAP/POP3): 

IMAP 143
IMAP with SSL 993
POP3 110
POP3 with SSL 995

(b) Outgoing ports (SMTP):

Regular 25 or 587
With SSL 465

  • Email address and password 

Creating an email account in Thunderbird

  • Open Thunderbird client on your computer
  • Click on Local Folders and you will find “Create a new Account” option on the right hand side


  • You will see a pop up offering you a new email account, just click on  Skip this and use my existing email



  • Enter you full name, email address and password  and click continue


  • Thunderbird will automatically try to detect the settings but its best if you do it manually. Hence, click on the manual config button and enter all the details

pop setup

  • If all the settings are correct, the ‘Done’ button will be active

Try to send a test email to yourself and see if you are able to receive the email.  You may be presented with a pop up tell you that the connection is unencrypted. You can check the I understand the risks checkbox and then click the Done button to continue.


That’s it! You should be now able to send and receive emails without any problems.


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