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In this section you will find simplified guides to not so simple tasks.

Outlook 0

How to Setup a Professional Email Address with

I know you hate desktop email clients, don’t you ?  Or you may not be happy taking backups every now and then to avoid accidental loss . The most commonly used email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird ,...

How to Configure Thunderbird Email Client 1

How to Configure Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird is the best free alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook Express or any other paid email clients. The easy to use interface and thousands of add-on helps increase the functionality and improves productivity. There are...

Make computer welcome you on startup 1

Make Your Computer Welcome You on Startup

You might have seen Sci-Fi movies where the computer greets the user by saying something when its turns on. You can also make your computer welcome you or say your name on startup.  Below...

How to contact gmail support team via email 0

How to Contact Gmail Support Team Directly

CONTACT GMAIL SUPPORT You might have encountered problem with Gmail a couple of times but not knowing on how to contact Gmail support directly would have definitely added to your frustration.  The most commonly...

How to reset firefox 0

How to Reset Firefox (All Versions)

Hi Readers, today I will guide you on how to Reset Firefox browser. This will work with all versions of Firefox browsers, but I will strongly recommend you to install the latest stable version...