16 Best Free Domain Registration Sites / Services

Top 16 or Best Free Domain Registration Sites like co.cc ,freedomain.co.nr , .tk (actually sub domains) will help you get your first website , blog or forum online without any investment.  You will get first hand experience in website management without any cost involved. Although registering a domain name wouldn’t require much money , I would always advise you to go for the paid option as free services are not as reliable as the paid ones.

But on the other hand, If you just want a temporary site for xyz reasons and you don’t care the extension then there is no need of a second thought. Choose from the below mentioned site/services and get your job done.

I have researched a lot to find some working Free Domain Registration services.  If you know any other services apart from the ones mentioned below, kindly let me know via you valuable comments.

Free Domain Registration Sites

  1. www.dot.tk
  2. www.smartdots.com
  3. www.com.co.in
  4. www.cu.cc
  5. www.Eu.org16 Best Free Domain Registration Sites
  6. www.dotfree.com
  7. www.tipdots.com
  8. www.biz.ly
  9. www.biz.nf
  10. www.za.nic
  11. us.cydots.com
  12. www.uni.me
  13. www.freedomain.co.nr
  14. www.com.nu
  15. www.cjb.net
  16. www.nic.de.vu


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